William Tidmore

Science Teacher

(334) 644-5977

Courses Taught:

Advanced and General Biology

Engineering Research and Design


School Closure Assignments

About Mr. Tidmore:

Hello! My name is Mr. Tidmore (or Mr. T for Short) and I am proud to be a Lanett High School Science Teacher. Throughout all my life, continuing to this day, I have had a thirst for knowledge about myself and the world around me. Through many experiences on my life's journey I have found so much wonder within myself and outside of myself. My goal in teaching at this school is to impart that same thirst for knowledge to the next generation of learners that briefly take my class. I am originally from North Alabama where I attended High School at Albertville High School. From there I went to A community College called Snead State where I was involved in many aspects of the campus including music, athletics and student government. I then transferred to Auburn where I finished my undergraduate and graduate studies. I look forward to an exciting year of pursuing knowledge to help understand the vastness of this universe we live in!

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