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Science Class Syllabus (Cantrece Nelson) 1/1/2018
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Science Syllabus

Spring Semester 2018                                                   Teacher: Ms. C. L. Nelson

Email:                            Phone: (334) 644-5965



The purpose of science education is to establish scientific literacy. This learning enables students to use scientific principles and processes in everyday life to make informed decisions. A solid foundation in science helps develop and strengthen many skills that students use daily such a solving problems creatively, thinking critically, working cooperatively in teams, practicing stewardship of natural resources, and using technology effectively. The conceptual framework of scientific literacy is based on three broad areas of science which include physical science, life science, and earth/space science. Through this spectrum of exposure, the goal of scientific literacy is achieved.


Required Materials-textbook (provided), 3-ring binder, paper (loose leaf only), and pencil                                              

Suggested Materials-notebook dividers, highlighters, construction paper, and glue stick

Essential Functions-listen, read, and write

Projects- science portfolio and science fair project

Grading- A grade of 60 or better is required for passing the course. Various forms of assessments   are used to check students’ progress in learning. Students are expected to perform the essential functions.   Success relies on participation, cooperation, completion, and mastery of the curriculum. Classwork and homework is assigned. Students may be given tiered assignments based on their individual needs. No late work is accepted. Students will receive a daily grade listed as participation or “sciethics” and test grade. Grading rubrics will be provided as guides for projects.

Helpful Hints

  • Follow instructions.
  • Apply the 3R’s: Read! Recite! Review!
  • See me after class/school to discuss concerns.

Remember the ultimate goal is………EDUCATION.

Classroom Code of Conduct

Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Below you will find some classroom rules that I am expecting every student to follow. In addition, students should adhere to school and district policies at all times. Each rule has a science analogy to enjoy or ponder. They are all concepts that are crucial to your very existence.

  • Be on time by being seated by the time the bell rings.

DNA chromatids must separate on time during meiosis to prevent chromosomal malfunctions.

  • Quietly enter the room ready to learn and complete assignments.

Predators prowl to search out their prey by being quiet and camouflaged.

  • Bring required materials every day as you will not be allowed to leave class.

TransferRNA must bring the required amino acid sequences every time to ribosomalRNA to synthesize proteins.

  • Do not bring food or drink items in class.

Some types of organisms will surely thrive in the ecosystem that you create.

  • Raise your hand for permission to talk/walk.

The left chambers of the heart will not pump blood until it receives signals from the right chambers.

  • Tablet/torn paper is not accepted.

Worn-out organelles within cells are automatically discarded.

  • Apply the 3 R’s: Respectful, Responsible, and Resourceful.

To protect our earth, we apply the 3 R’s of recycle, reduce, and reuse.





            Consequences                                                                   Rewards

Verbal Warning


Verbal Praise, LE



Learning Freedom/Exploration/Constructivism, LE

Writing Assignment/3 Days Detention


Fun Learning Environment, LE

No Lab Participation/Zero Lab Grade


Lab Participation/Learning Earnings

Parent Conference/Office Referral


Good Grades, Promotion, Educated Student


Learning Earnings

Learning Earnings is an educational tool used by teachers and students to support learning success. Students may earn different types of credits and purchase those credits given by an instructor. Every student should check their Learning Earning account at least two times a month. Learning Earning items that involve grades in my classroom must be bought with the credits given in class by me. To check your LE account, log on to www. Enjoy the opportunity to cash in on learning success!

Ms. Nelson’s Special Credits

  1. Science Class Scoring Rubric 4= Excellent; (See rubric handout.)
  2. A on Test


General Credits

  1. Student Engagement
  2. Constructed Response Progress
  3. Progress Answering Higher DOK Questions
  4. Good Citizenship
  5. Good Sportsmanship
  6. Great Attitude
  7. Initiative
  8. Helpfulness
  9. Improved Grades/ Behavior


Cash in on LE and purchase free test questions, assignments, mystery box, and other items!


Science Syllabus


Spring Semester 2018                                                                   Teacher: Ms. C. L. Nelson

Email:                                      Phone: (334) 644-5965


                 Consequences                                                                  Rewards

Verbal Warning


Verbal Praise



Fun Learning Environment

Writing Assignment/3 Days Detention


Free Passes, Vouchers/Learning Earnings

No Lab Participation/Zero Lab Grade


Lab Participation/Learning Earnings

Parent Conference/Office Referral


Good Grades, Promotion, Educated Student




Obligation Contract

I (student),__________________________,have read the classroom code of conduct and syllabus of Ms. Nelson’s class. I understand that it is my responsibility to obtain materials for what is required for the science course. Integrity, honesty, and respect I uphold for fairness to all. I also understand that rules must be followed to ensure a good, safe learning environment for my classmates and myself. I will follow all classroom rules and laboratory procedures.

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Parent/Guardian Name(Print)_____________________

Parent/Guardian(Signature)_______________________            Date_____________