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Jennifer  Boyd
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Principal's Bio


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Ms. Boyd is a very proud product of the Lanett City Schools school system. She graduated from Lanett High School in 1994. She is the mother of two lovely daughters, Breeana, who is also and educator, and Erin, who is currently a junior at Auburn University

Ms. Boyd’s educational background includes:

  •   B.S. in Business Management from Auburn University, 1999
  •  Master’s in Business Administration from Troy University, 2002
  •   Master’s in Educational Leadership from Troy University, 2012
  • Ed.S in Instructional Leadership from Troy University, 2017

 Ms. Boyd has been a certified educator for 15 years, all of which she has served in the Lanett City School System. She has also served as an online instructor for ACCESS courses, which is facilitated through the University of Alabama. Ms. Boyd Jennifer also served as Program Coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club and Program Manager for the Lanett Hope AmeriCorps Program in Lanett, Alabama in years past.

Ms. Boyd currently serves as the principal of Lanett High School. Her educational philosophy is that “every child, every student can learn, but we must work to remove barriers that keep our children from learning”. She believes that in order to meet the needs of a child, it must be done through a holistic approach, which requires one to address academic, physical, domestic, emotional, and psychological needs.

Ms. Boyd also serves as Career Tech Director for the school system. Her role as director has given her the platform to ensure that students are College and/or Career Ready upon graduating from high school.

Ms. Boyd's goals for student learning include:

  • To ensure that every student excels academically to the best of their abilities
  • To provide a rigirous and challenging curriculum through quality instruction
  • To promote a positive school climate  
  • To prepare students for the workforce and/or college upon graduation
  • To build positive and productive citizens that will give back to the community